We have the posibility to choose among digfferent Woods and Designs.
WoodBoard with Military Sword

WoodBoard with any Military sword, in the picture with US Marine corps Swords, stainless steel blade, gold plated guard, blade with blood groove on it, metal scabbard cromed plated, and woodboard with red velvet.

This referente has the sword included, you can choose another one. Quality wood, and red velvet. It include set of screws to fix the sword on the Woodboard.

Ref. or SKU : 5850
WoodBoard with Military Sword

· Wood: The best wood, brown colour.

· Board: Velvet, Red, Blue, Black ,...

· Military Sword: The same standard as our more than 300 models of Military and Ceremonial Swords we are proud to offer our customers in more than 40 countries.

· Service: All over the world.