We are able to offer your company the possibility to make all sword you are interested in. With more than 30 years working for many countries, our team is perfectly trained to manufacture at the best posible Price with the top quality for our valued customers …
Making a Military Sword
We make a new design of the sword need our customer. We make all tooling for do it at a very competetive price. We make all complete process to make the sword.
Design Process
We also make small pieces, parts of a sword, all design, for a small series and big series of pieces. We work with brass casting and steel injection molds.
Designing your Military Sword
We are able to make a complete sword from a sample, Pictures, drawings, plans, …., We make all processes to get the prototype.
You only will have to sell it.
Ceremonial Sword
We offer our customers to make just a part of a sword, for correcting, for update designs, We can start from a paper, a picture, a sample. Ask to us to know how can we get the prototypes.