Marine Officer Sword (USA)

Marine Officcer sword (USA) , it is a sword used for some other countries. Also called mameluke sword. With a faux ivory handle has a old-turkish design.

A forged stainless steel blade hammered to the correct curvature. It is hardened to ca. 48-52 ° HRC Rockwell, then well-tempered and hand-polished. The blade is etched/or not with United States Marine Corps pattern. The acid-etch is so deep one can feel it with a fingernail

Ref. or SKU : 5057
U.S. Army

· Handle :
* White grip with gold buttons

· Scabbard:
* Made of 1 mm thick steel tube
* Nickel-plated
* Hand-polished
* Nickelplated and hand-polished steel tube with 2 attachment rings.

· Included:
* Protective cloth bag
* Soft buffing cloth